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Top 10 | Greville St Chronicles

Welcome to Greville Street, the heartbeat of Melbourne's boutique chic scene and our home—a street brimming with character, community, and style. Let us take you on a journey through 10 essential stops that define a day in this iconic neighbourhood.

1. Morning Awakening at Le Petit Marche at Entrecôte

Begin your day at Entrecôte's Baby Café, nestled next to the famed Entrecôte restaurant. Sip on Melbourne's finest coffee paired with a delectable croissant or the quiche of the day. It's the perfect way to warm up for what lies ahead.

2. Discover Your Style at Brotherwolf

Gentlemen, head over to Brotherwolf for more than just a haircut. This place is a haven for curated wardrobe essentials that exude charm, quality, and style. It's where the locals gather to redefine their look and connect with the spirit of Greville St.

3. Elegant Finds at Henne

Ladies, step into Henne, an intimate boutique curated by Nadia Bartel and Michelle. Discover sleek suits or fun mini dresses that redefine elegance. Their personalised styling sessions ensure you leave with wardrobe staples that speak to your unique style. 

4. Indulge in Skincare at Aesop

Immerse yourself in Aesop's heavenly aroma and let their experts pamper you with skincare and fragrances tailored to your needs. A consultation here is an essential step towards radiant, refreshed skin.

5. Nail Artistry at La Isla

Treat your nails like canvases at La Isla, where every manicure is a masterpiece. Indulge in a little pampering before moving on to enhance your brows and lashes.

6. Perfect Brows and Lashes at Brow and Lash Co

Transform your look with perfect brows and fluttery lashes at Brow and Lash Co—a one-stop-shop for enhancing your natural beauty.

7. Healthy Lunch Break at Fish Bowl

Refuel with a healthy and fabulous lunch at Fish Bowl. Their quick soba salads keep you energised for the rest of your day.

8. Dive into Music at the Greville Records

Take a musical journey at the vintage record store, where you can lose yourself in a world of tunes and nostalgic memorabilia.

9. Glam Up at The Makeup House

Get ready for the evening at The Makeup House, where you can indulge in a full glam session—hair and makeup included. Perfect for a big night out or a group event.

10. Dinner at Angus & Bon

End your day with an elegant dinner experience at Angus & Bon. From their famous steaks to culinary delights, this restaurant offers a feast for the senses.

AND post dinner Nightlife Time for a Cocktail and dance the night away at Pawn & Co, of course


As you explore Greville Street, you'll discover a community filled with charm, boutique elegance, and a sense of belonging. It's no longer a secret—Greville Street is your invitation to experience Melbourne's hippest enclave, where every visit promises a new and exciting adventure. Join us on this journey through the heart of Melbourne's fashion and lifestyle scene. Welcome to our little street with a big personality.

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