Over both levels of the bar we offer a range of booths that can be booked - [need some more information here - this Book Now button will link to the existing Open Table lightbox]


Your favourite - [need some more information here where does this link through to - I've created a basic lightbox pop-up but Keti suggested my Guestlist - do they have an embeddable widget?]


The bar has two levels. Downstairs you have a couple of options for ordering a drink. The Carousel Bar (a cocktail bar with automated carousel and cyborg kangaroo mascot) stocked with premium spirits, that rotates above our human bartender & a talking vending machine, from which you can order a can of beer while making small talk with a drink-dispensing robot. 

Upstairs is the main bar & DJ booth - a room of curiosities and cabinets stocked with everything from dazzling pearls and guitars, to a full-size custom built replica of a Star Wars style block of carbonite. [require additional and up to date information here on packages etc]