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A quick New York minute with Metwally

Adam Metwally: Riding the Beat Across Continents

* Metwally*, a name that delivers pulsating beats and electrifying events, has been gracing the DJ circuit since 2014, leaving an indelible mark across Australia, New York City, and Thailand. His portfolio boasts an impressive array of projects, including the acclaimed Coastal Jam, the sun-soaked Sundancer Thailand, the iconic UNO DanceClub, and the blossoming Bloom, alongside recent ventures in the buzzing streets of New York City.

1. Crafting a Global Sound: Melbourne to Manhattan

In a conversation with Adam, he unveils the profound influence Melbourne's music scene has wielded over his style. "Melbourne is a city of refined tastes and a thriving music culture," he shares. "The high standards set by the city have propelled me into the upper echelons of the global scene." However, as he anticipates his musical journey in New York, Adam notes the curated ambiance of Manhattan, where spontaneity takes a backseat to careful curation.

2. Bridging Audiences: From Loose Grooves to Refined Beats

Diving deeper, Adam reflects on the contrasting preferences of Melbourne and New York audiences. "Melburnians embrace the freedom to dance, while New Yorkers prefer a more curated experience," he observes. This nuanced understanding of audience dynamics has been pivotal in shaping his sets to resonate with diverse crowds.

3. Echoes of Experience: Memorable Melbourne Moments

Recalling his most unforgettable gigs in Melbourne, Adam reminisces about electrifying performances at iconic venues like Beyond The Valley and Pawn & Co. These experiences, he emphasizes, have been instrumental in his evolution as a DJ, fostering both confidence and musical prowess.

4. Unearthing Hidden Gems: Melbourne's Underrated Talent

Adam sheds light on Melbourne's burgeoning talent, highlighting artists like Luke Alessi, Jordan Brando, and Will Kiss, whose international acclaim is yet to be fully recognized on home turf. He also tips his hat to Dean Turnley, an unsung hero whose unparalleled DJ skills are destined for the spotlight.

5. Navigating the Concrete Jungle: Competitive Realities

Contrary to expectations, Adam finds New York's music scene less cutthroat compared to Melbourne. "In Melbourne, my lack of a cool accent sometimes put me at a disadvantage," he chuckles. "But in New York, my eclectic blend of global influences sets me apart."

6. Trailblazing with Afro-House: Embracing New Sounds

Expressing his excitement for upcoming trends, Adam divulges his passion for afro-house—a genre close to his heart since his early days. With the genre's resurgence, he eagerly anticipates introducing this soulful sound to wider audiences.

7. A Vision for New York: Ventures and Collaborations

Adam's ambitions in New York extend beyond the DJ booth, as he delves into venue ownership and event curation. With stakes in notable establishments like Virgo and Make Believe, alongside the launch of the acclaimed Sundial party, Adam's sights are set on solidifying his presence in the city's vibrant scene.

8. Balancing Identity and Adaptation: A DJ's Dilemma

Navigating the transition from Melbourne to New York, Adam acknowledges the delicate balance between staying true to his musical identity and adapting to new expectations. "Growing up in a small town taught me to read the room and cater to diverse tastes," he reflects. "Moving to a metropolis like New York has only amplified that."

9. Paving the Way: Advice for Aspiring DJs

For aspiring DJs eyeing a similar leap, Adam offers sage advice gleaned from his own journey. From extensive travel and networking to seizing opportunities and building a solid foundation, his roadmap serves as a beacon for those ready to embark on their own musical odyssey.

As Adam Metwally continues to bridge continents with his beats, his story serves as a testament to the transformative power of music and the boundless possibilities that await those willing to chase their dreams across the globe.

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